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About SA Hallmann

No Job Is Too Big Or Small - SA HALLMAN

SA Hallmann Ltd offers the full spectrum of painting, decorating and project management services to the commercial, industrial and residential sectors. Whether we’re called to work on a small industrial site or to project manage a multi-complex housing estate or office park, SA Hallmann is trusted right throughout Ireland to provide a responsive service and premier quality job that reflects positively on your business.
Our team will work when you need us to, even at weekends and during the night to help you achieve your project deadlines.
Maybe you need help to prepare a shop for launch, refresh a suite of offices, finish factory surfaces or refurbish a heritage venue.If you need a little extra help to get your project over the line, or the expertise of skilled project managers to coordinate your entire project, SA Hallmann is your ideal project partner.

What makes us diffrent?

Why choose SA Hallmann Ltd?

  • Professional
  • High-quality
  • Fully insured
  • Clean & thorough
  • Experienced, skilled, trained
  • Wide range of services
  • Free colour & design advice
  • Reliable & trustworthy
  • On time



our team

  • Sylwester Czaja

    Sylwester Czaja is the Managing Director of SA Hallmann Ltd. Sylwester heads the SA Hallmann team and provides strategic leadership, drives quality…

  • Sandra Goncalves

    Sandra Goncalves is the Office Manager and interior Designer at SA Hallmann Ltd. Sandra is responsible for administration,…

  • Tomasz Kwiecien

    Tomasz Kwiecien is Manager at SA Hallmann Ltd. Tomasz is responsible for ensuring quality standards, effective project management, for providing…