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Thermal Insulation -better and cheaper?
Yes it is possible!!!

Thermal Mass - cheap, light, internal/external insulation - the technology of the XXI century.
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DPC Thermal mass insulation is a flexible, lightweight and innovative in terms of technology thermal mass properties and waterproofing an effective solution for insulation of external and internal surfaces.

This mass is an effective solution for the elimination of mould and fungus and the elimination of the causes of moisture & condensations. Its structure is based on special ceramic "microspheres”, which reflects up to 90% of thermal radiation which provides a huge saving energy needs and reduces energy consumption.termal_buckets_Kopiowanie

Therm Mass Insulation Advantages:

  • suitable for internal and external site of the wall,
  • prevents from thermal bridges,
  • prevents the formation of moisture like damp, mold spores and fungus,
  • warmer and drier house with lower heating bills.

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