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Why should you hire a professional Painter?

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Painting a house or a room can be exciting for some or a daunting task for others. If the prospect of changing or refreshing the colours around you it’s exciting to you, you might find yourself tempted to do it yourself. But before you decide to do it yourself there are several important factors to consider before starting any project. After weighing all these factors, you will probably decide that such an important task should be carried out by professionals. Important things to consider should be: Equipment required, skills, quality, time frame, knowledge of paints/colours, costs effectiveness and safety.

Professional painters have painting as heir full time job, which means that they have the expertise to carry out big and small jobs with little effort compared to the amount of effort that you alone would have to put on your painting project.


Brushes and rollers only are not enough for a well-done painting job. You will need sheets, roller extensions, ladders, scrapers, fillers, primers and buckets. After investing in all these materials, you will still have to clean and store them when you’re finished. Is it really worth the investment for something you will never use again? Professionals have all the equipment, tools and materials needed and best of all, they know how when, how and where to use them.


When it comes to painting itself, there is more to it than just rolling or brushing paint on the walls. There is prep work to be done like getting all the tools ready and at hand, clearing the room, protecting the floor, taping areas that won’t be painted, preparing the walls (scraping old paint and dirt, filling gaps, priming), and painting corners and hedges before using the roller. If you are not a professional, you will find yourself exhausted before you start painting, which in fairness is the fun part.


Hallmann Painting

When you want a 5-star meal, you go to a 5-star restaurant. When you want our car driving without default, you go to the best mechanic in the area.  As good as your culinary or mechanical skills are, when you want the best you rely on professionals. The same applies to painting. Training and years of experience gave professional painters something called expertise, which you will never be able to compete with. They know the best about their trade. They know the best products at the best prices. They know what tools they’ll need the minute they look at your walls. They are skilled and know how to paint effectively. They are fast and don’t cut corners. They pay attention to detail. They know how to work with your budget. In what comes to colours and paint specifications, they are able to advice on what best suits your needs. Some companies have Colour Consultants who will help you choose what colours or colour combination will positively impact your daily life.

Time Management

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When you decide to paint a room make sure you are well organized and there will be no distractions or you might have to stop a good few times to do things like checking on the kids, answering calls, browsing through Pinterest looking for tips and ideas, chatting with the neighbour or even running to the shop to get more paint or tools. Believe me, you will never be as fast and proficient as a trained, experienced painter. What you think would take a few hours might turn into a day or two, and a big project can drag for weeks. If you have a tight time frame like a family event coming up, you might end up stressing with lack of time and physically and emotionally drained.


Balancing on the top of a ladder (or furniture if you don’t have a ladder) trying to reach the ceiling while holding a bucket in one hand and the brush in the other, might end up in a fall with serious consequences. If you’re not fit and used to physical jobs, the painting itself can result in back injuries, strained muscles or soreness for a day or two. Why not leave all that to professionals who are certified in safety work procedures and who can endure long hours of physical jobs?

By choosing a good painting company you will be saving money in the long run, getting the job done neat and quickly and with high quality standards.


Maintaining your property it's an investment, not an expense. Often painting jobs are looked at as an expense but in reality, they are nothing but a good investment and the better the job, the better the outcome, even if it’s just the satisfaction of having clean walls matching your beautiful décor and lifting your spirit.

Sandra Goncalves

Interior Designer & Colour Consultant


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